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Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

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About Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

ITI's Environmental Leadership Council provides information to EIATRACK subscribers on pending initiatives at the local, state and federal levels in the United States, including the maintenance of the pending state legislation matrices for End of Life and Materials Restrictions legislation.

The Information Technology Industry Council is a premier group of the nation's leading high-tech companies, effectively conducting its work as a lobbying organization in Washington, in various foreign capitals, and the WTO.

ITI helps member companies achieve their policy objectives through building relationships with Members of Congress, Administration officials, and foreign governments; organizing industry-wide consensus on policy issues; and working to enact tech-friendly government policies. ITI works to reduce barriers that stifle innovation, increase access to global markets, promote e-commerce expansion, protect consumer choice, and enhance the global competitiveness of our companies.

The ITI Environmental Leadership Council (ELC) is part of ITI's Environment & Sustainability division and is a leading industry resource for product-related environmental issue advocacy, representing over 60 of the principal manufacturers of information technology equipment, wireless and consumer electronics devices, and other electronic and high-tech products and systems. The ELC is staffed by experts in key environmental policy areas, including electronics recycling, product materials content and design, and environmentally preferable purchasing. The ELC team engages primarily on domestic policy, advocacy and compliance issues at the federal, state and local levels.

ITI's Environmental Leadership Council consists of the following policy experts:

ITI’s Environmental Leadership Council consists of the following policy experts:
Richard Goss, Christopher Cleet, Colleen Pickford, Valerie Rickman

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Recent Reg Alerts with Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

Updated: Matrix of Pending Recycling and Product Take-back Legislation in the USA usa flag The Matrix summarizing pending recycling and product take-back legislation in the USA has been updated. The matrix covers laws that impose product take-back or recycling requirements, registration, or reporting requirements upon retailers and manufacturers, and includes...
June 5, 2012
Updated: Matrix of Pending Federal and State Restricted Substances Legislation in the USA usa flag As the end of calendar year 2011 approaches, we have five states that enacted e-recycling legislation this past year; the States of Illinois, Maine, and Oregon amended their existing e-waste laws while Utah enacted initial legislation and Texas passed an e-recycling law...
December 13, 2011
Updated: Matrix of Pending Recycling and Product Take-back Legislation in the USA usa flag As we enter the fourth quarter of the year, the majority of state legislatures have adjourned. While still technically active, further legislative movement is not expected in New York or New Jersey this year while Massachusetts continues to deliberate potential e-waste ...
October 17, 2011



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