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Argentina - Buenos Aires Proposes to Classify Batteries as Hazardous Waste; Rules for Management Argentina A bill (No. 488-D-2017) proposed in the legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires would classify used batteries as hazardous waste by incorporating them into Annex I of the City's Hazardous Waste Law (No. 2214). (Art. 1) The bill would also establish rules for ...
March 30, 2017
European Parliament is Looking to Increase Recycling Targets in Packaging Waste Directive European Union Flag The European Parliament wants more ambitious packaging recycling targets. Its Environment Committee had previously called for such targets. The Parliament now backs this call as it is preparing for talks with the Member States on the proposed amendments of the EU Packag...
March 14, 2017
Colombia Publishes Revised Draft National WEEE Management Policy colombia The Colombian Ministry of Environment (MINAMBIENTE) has published a revised 2032 draft National Policy for the Integrated Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Most notably, the proposed changes would modify the Draft Policy's Action Plan to: (...
March 22, 2017

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