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Chris Cleet

Director of Environmental Affairs, Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

1101 K ST, NW, Suite 610
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202.626.5759
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About Chris Cleet

Chris is an industry expert on the regulatory restriction of materials in electronic products.  He provides expertise on technical environmental issues to the ELC's materials restrictions committee, which is active in ensuring state and federal laws are based on sound science.  Chris has an in depth understanding of provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and is leading industry engagement in related rulemaking.  Chris is a leading industry advocate with regards to materials restriction laws and rulemaking across the United States and has testified before a number of state legislatures and federal and state regulatory hearings.
Chris' prior experience includes Senior Manager of Environmental Affairs for the Environmental Issues Council of the Electronic Industries Alliance. Chris also has experience in handling environmental issues for the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and major manufacturing companies. Chris has authored or co-authored several environmental technical papers and holds a M.S. in Environmental Science from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Millersville University in Millersville, PA. Chris is a certified Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) through the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP).

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October 8, 2009



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