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Sweeping WEEE-RoHS Bill Proposed in Argentine Senate

Published November 13, 2008

Restricted Substances Overview

The head of the Environment Committee in the Argentine Senate has presented a sweeping bill that blends the EU WEEE and RoHS Directives with a new concept of “Extended Individual Producer Responsibility.” Backed by both Greenpeace and Professor Thomas Lundqvist, touted as the creator of the EPR concept, Bill S-3532-08 (the “Bill”) would have a major impact on producers, importers, and merchants of everything from white goods to computers by requiring them to pay annual fees to a new national WEEE Management Entity based on type and quantity of products they placed on the market.  In addition, producers and importers would be required to design equipment such that the six RoHS substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE) as well as others determined to be contaminants to be reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated. This Bill merits careful review and tracking due to its breadth, its apparent backing, and its vanguard policies.

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