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REACH Webinar Series: Two New Webinars Added

Published September 18, 2007

European Union

Two new webinars, titled "REACH Registration & Pre-Registration" and "REACH Information Requirements" have been published this week continuing EIATRACK's popular REACH Webinar Series.

Topics covered in the new webinars include:

  • Registration & Pre-Registration -- Lucas Bergkamp

    • what data are required and when?
    • what is the benefit of pre-registration?
    • how do SIEFs and data-sharing work, what are the risks, and how can one protect itself??

  • Notification (Art. 7.2) -- David van Hoogstraten

    • when is notification required?
    • to which substances does this regime apply?
    • what are the triggers of notification?
    • what are the exemptions?

The webinars are part of a series and more will be published on EIATRACK next week. The Presentations were taken from a recent seminar by law firm Hunton & Williams, detailing how the European Union's new REACH regulation effects the electronics industry.

Click here to view the webinars

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