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January 28, 2015
Canada - Manitoba Outlines New Products for Future Take-Back...
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September 25, 2012
Subject Report Updated - Product Take-back in Manitoba, Cana...
Canada Manitoba
July 17, 2012
Manitoba Electronics Stewardship Organization Sets Take-Back...

Last Updated: September 25, 2012
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On August 1, 2012, participants in Manitoba's electronic product stewardship program began remitting an environmental handling fee ("EHF") for each designated product that they sell in or into the province. Under the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Stewardship Regulation (the "Regulation"), first sellers of covered products are required either to subscribe to an electronics stewardship program or to operate their own program. The Regulation lists the designated products, which include electronics from the following broad categories: televisions; computers, monitors, printers and their peripherals; fax and photocopy machines; cellular telephones and PDAs; microwave ovens; and audio and video equipment.

Implementation of the Regulation was originally scheduled for April 1, 2011 but was delayed for more than a year pending the approval of a stewardship program. The Electronics Products Recycling Association ("EPRA"), a national non-profit entity created by Canada's electronics industry, recently began operating an approved program and is moving to full implementation with the initiation of fee-based services.


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