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Regulatory Alerts - 76 results found - view all »

Regulatory Alert Date Jurisdiction Subject
China's Implementation Rules on Banning the Import of ... August 21, 2017 China Design for Environment, Product Stewardship Overview, Transboundary Waste Shipments
China Issues Action Plan for Promotion of Vehicle Batt... March 27, 2017 China Batteries, Design for Environment
China Issues Requirements for the New-Energy Vehicle W... March 8, 2016 China Batteries, Design for Environment, Hazardous Waste, Product Stewardship Overview, Product Take-back
China Finalizing Guiding Opinion on Promoting "Interne... March 8, 2016 China Design for Environment, Energy Efficiency
China Issues an Announcement on the Draft Policy for R... November 10, 2015 China Batteries, Design for Environment, Restricted Substances Overview

Special Reports - 23 results found - view all »

Special Report Date Jurisdiction
USA - Energy Efficiency Legislation Under Consideration in the New Congress Feb 14, 2017 USA - Federal
China Issues a Series of Policies Regarding New-Energy Cars Feb 16, 2016 China
China Finalizes Circular on Printing and Distributing a Development Action Plan for Promoting Big Data Oct 30, 2015 China
China Issues a Circular on Printing and Distributing "Made-in-China 2025" Jun 16, 2015 China
Update on SEC Conflict Minerals Disclosure Requirements Aug 08, 2013 International

Reports & Substances - 31 results found - view all »

china   Batteries in China
Australia   Design for Environment in Australia
china   Design for Environment in China
taiwan   Design for Environment in Taiwan
Australia   Energy Efficiency in Australia

Questions - 2 results found

Question Date Jurisdiction
I would like some assistance with some implementation ... Dec 06, 2010 China
Question on China CQC Certification (for equipment req... Jul 27, 2009 China

Documents - 4 results found

Law Jurisdiction
Acrobat PDF
Information Technology Industry Council (“ITI”) Press ReleaseMore info | Download
Language: English

USA - Federal
Web Link
Hong Kong - Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Profile of Hong Kong's Information Technology Equipment IndustryMore info | Download
Hong Kong
Acrobat PDF
International - Comments of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) on the Revised Draft Technical Guidelines on Transboundary Movements of Electronic and Electrical Waste (E-waste) (27 September 2012 Version)More info | Download
Language: English

Acrobat PDF
Letter from Ministerio De Salud to the Information Technology Industry Council, 19 October 2010More info | Download
Language: Spanish

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